A Drive along the Romantic Rhine, Koblenz to Bingen

I had big expectations for my drive along the aptly-named "Romantic Rhine", and I was not let down.

Mt Evans - An easy 14,000 feet

If you ever need to claim that you have been ontop of a 14,000 foot peak, then Mt Evans is probably the easiest to way to accomplish this.

Jambalaya Shoppe, Best Shoppe

Louisiana seemed like a foreign country to me. Although I had been to Alabama in the distant, distant past, I was clueless.

Yebisu Beer Museum - Drinking Before Noon

This is a great museum to take your buddies to,  and it's free!

Indian's Stadium, Progressive Field

Although now showing it's age to newer stadiums the stands in Progressive Field are built close-in to the field, and the stadium is convenientl

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