Traveling in the 21st Century One Step At a Time

Several years ago I did not even have a mobile phone. This may seem odd as several years ago was still within the 21st century.

This wasn't due to any Luddite nature, but dissatisfaction with the mobile market in the United States. I had just returned from japan for the first time, and seeing the cellphones available there affected my perception of what services I would want on a cell back home. The only mobile I owned until 2006 was in Japan years earlier.

I went thru using pay phones or at least trying to in airports only to realize it was cheaper to buy a chunk of internet time, and borrowed cellphone use for emergencies. Finally I settled on a cheap phone and plan and entered the 21st century.

Traveling nowadays we have these tools to help us. Guidebooks are becoming almost unnecessary as we find more recent information on sites such as this one that offer a unique and personal review. As well these tools condense our travel documents and rolodexes into one device.

So I have finally come to appreciate this with the iPhone. I may have dismissed my father's large PDAs, but they too offered these travel advantages. And I realized this as ny phone rang giving me an unfortunate, but automatic notification of a flight delay. There are apps to track your itinerary and virtual maps to help you find restaurants and events at your destination.

And now these devices that I pined for after visiting Japan are realized. Long live the 21st century.