About tabi no koto

"Tabi no koto" [旅の事], literally, "travel" or "about travel", is a personal travel blog or collection of travels that I have experienced. Over the years I have traveled to many "destinations", and I like to share my thoughts about each destination. These destinations may be a part of a greater trip or "travel" or simply a standalone destination. Feel free to explore the destination map (or travel map) to select locations around the world that I have written about. I hope that my writing will inspire you to have your own experiences at the destination. Maybe visit the rest of nokoto.org where you may learn about "other stuff" that I will write about. I try not to be time-sensitive, but it is an inevitability. Museums, natural wonders, trails, trains, and other things are by their nature ephemeral. This is why the travel industry has its growth. You may have visited Paris once in the 1980s, but what is it like now? We can never experience everything, and so the collective experiences of others is of great value. Bon Voyage wherever your destination or travel is.

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